Psychotherapy in Tel Aviv

Psychotherapy in Tel Aviv
Psychotherapy in Tel Aviv

Psychological Treatment

The Tel Aviv Psychotherapy Institute offers private psychological therapies in English as well as in Hebrew. Our staff is composed of experienced therapists who are experts in evaluating and treating a wide variety of emotional situations and problems, whether acute or long-standing in nature.

We treat a range of emotional difficulties and disorders such as life crises, trauma and anxiety, depression, social difficulties, low self-esteem, difficulty in creating and maintaining relationships, as well as issues concerning identity (personal and professional), pregnancy and parenthood.

We also treat disorders such as obsessive compulsive disorder, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

We offer a range of services: psychodynamic therapy for individuals and couples, CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy), psychiatric consultation, psychotherapy for children and adolescents, psychological assessment and more.

In addition, we provide a range of psychological services to the public and private sectors, including: Psychological assessments, therapeutic interventions for organizations and Psycho-legal report writing

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Our professional team includes experts able to address a variety of mental difficulties. Our team consists of licensed clinical psychologists, psychiatrists and clinical social workers.

Our clinic is located in a pleasant and quiet neighborhood, with an emphasis on privacy and discretion. TAPI is a private clinic without any attachment to public health services.

If you are in need of psychological treatment or would like to consult with a professional in the Tel Aviv area, you are welcome to contact us for more information.

We believe that through psychotherapy a person can open something in themselves, creating new opportunities to make progress with their life in aspects where they feel stuck, and to find more meaning in life.

Our professional team works in a coordinated fashion, understanding that psychotherapy is an experience which must be "tailor made" according to the individual's needs and goals.


Psychotherapy in English with our therapists:

ד"ר כרמית וגשל - פסיכולוגית קלינית 	ד"ר כרמית וגשל - פסיכולוגית קליניתDr. Karmit Vagshal - Clinical Psychologist
Clinical Psychologist (license No. 7868), PhD in Clinical Psychology, has 12 years experience treating adults with variety of emotional difficulties...

דDr. Shira Cohen - Psychiatrist & Psychotherapist
Licensed Psychiatrist, experienced psychotherapist, working in several mental health care institutions such as psychiatrist hospital, working as a psychotherapist in private clinic, treating adults...

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